Gear pump development in China

Gear pump has the advantages of simple structure, convenient processing, small volume, light weight, strong self-priming ability, insensitivity to oil pollution and other characteristics, so it is widely used.

The main disadvantage of China gear pump is the imbalance of radial fluid pressure and short bearing life;

Large flow pulsation, high noise.

In addition, its displacement is not adjustable, the scope of use is limited.

KCB gear pump is mainly used for conveying lubricating oil in the lubrication system of various mechanical equipment, suitable for conveying viscosity in 10°E (75c.s.t) below, the temperature is below 300℃ with lubricating oil, stainless steel gear pump can transport edible oil, drinks and so on.

Compared with the foreign gear pump industry, the domestic gear pump industry has certain advantages but also has a gap.

Compared with the western gear pump industry, China’s gear pump industry has two major competitive advantages: on the one hand, it has a low cost competitive advantage;

On the other hand, the rapid growth of domestic construction, petroleum, petrochemical, environmental protection markets and major water diversion projects also provide important support for the development of China’s gear pump industry.

The continuous growth of market space in China is a prerequisite for the domestic gear pump industry to maintain its advantage.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the development planning goal of China’s gear pump industry is that research and development investment accounts for more than 6% of the GDP of the pump manufacturing industry.

With the continuous development of technology, gear pump products will be intelligent in the direction of development.

During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the gear pump industry key research and technical reform projects are mainly reflected in three aspects: on the one hand, the technical research of nuclear power hub equipment is mainly carried out AP1000 nuclear main pump hub technology research;

Second generation plus technology 1000 type nuclear main pump hub technology research, nuclear secondary and tertiary pump hub technology research, one million kilowatt pressurized water reactor nuclear power pump hub technology research and nuclear power pump technical scale research;

On the other hand, the technical research on petrochemical hub equipment includes the research on screw pump, gear pump, high pressure and small flow pump and quench oil pump hub technology used in million-ton PTA plant.

The third aspect is to carry out the research on the energy-saving mechanism of pump products.

According to the “2012-2016 China Hydraulic rotary Gear Pump with motor Market Analysis and Development Prospect Research Report” released by Champ Consulting, under the influence of the economic downturn, the steel, construction and upstream and downstream industries have suffered a serious market contraction, which is a fatal blow to the gear pump industry that relies on the development of these industries.

Although the economic downturn has negatively affected the development of China’s pump and valve industry to a certain extent, it has also exposed the drawbacks within the pump and valve industry. Under the market economy system, survival of the fittest has been greatly improved.

Therefore, said the financial storm after the survival of the enterprise, fully reflects the survival of the fittest of this market law.

In order to solve the problems existing in the domestic pump industry, the country has also formulated a series of policies.

In this case, the domestic pump industry should seize the opportunity and rise to the challenge.

Gear pump in the hydraulic industry system always plays a decisive role, but the current situation of the gear pump industry is not optimistic;

, gear pump industry technology mostly rely on foreign imports, including some types of pumps are completely imported, so China’s gear pump industry is in urgent need of increasing research and development efforts, expand investment in technology, pay attention to the training of machinery industry talents;

Second, now the small pump factory in the process, material and other aspects of cost savings, with the price advantage to occupy most of the market, causing the gear pump industry price confusion, many customers in the choice of low price pump, but the low-cost pump material, most of the test are unqualified, repair scrap rate is very high,

Even some pump factories back to scrap the pump repair continue to put into the market, to the high quality and high price of gear pump has brought a great impact, so I hope customers in the selection of time remember not to only compare the price.

Third, the impact of the financial crisis, iron and steel machinery industry is in a downturn, has a very negative impact on the gear pump industry, the gear pump industry companies should be strong, together to resist the torsion.

Industry forecast: before 2015, the domestic economy is still strong, the demand for pumps in all walks of life is still strong.

Therefore, relying on domestic demand, China’s pump industry still has room for development.

In the next 5 years, the development plan of gear pump industry aims to improve the proportion of scientific research and development investment in the GDP of pump manufacturing industry to more than 6%, and the contribution rate of WATER pump manufacturing industry to improve science and technology to 68%, so as to promote the construction of specially-shaped pump manufacturing industry with modern equipment manufacturing industry as the core.

With the continuous progress of technology, gear pump products will develop to the direction of intelligence, can monitor the pressure, flow, temperature and vibration and other parameters;

Ability to evaluate the condition of pump shaft, bearing and seal;

To be able to diagnose the cause of the failure.

The technical development of the gear pump industry will focus on the design of electronic regulation systems, improvement of driving devices and the search for new materials.

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KCB gear pump maintenance

Poor rotation

① The axial clearance or radial clearance is too small.
To adjust and repair.
② there is dirt in kcb gear pump.
Disintegrate to remove foreign matter.
 If impurities are required, We recommend to select aodd pump.

③ The assembly is wrong.
Gear pump two pin hole processing datum level is not the assembly datum, such as the pin into the first, and then tighten the screws, the pump will not move.
The correct way is to turn the gear pump while tightening the screws, after the last drill pin hole and into the pin.
④ Coaxiality difference between pump and engine jaw flexible coupling.
Coaxiality should be within 0.1mm.
The pump parts are not demagnetized.
All parts must be demagnetized before assembly.
⑥ The quality of the needle sleeve is unqualified or the needle sleeve is broken.
Repair or replace.
The working oil outlet is blocked.
Remove foreign body.

Insufficient output flow

(1) The high oil temperature will decrease the viscosity, increase the internal leakage, and reduce the output flow of the pump.
The cause should be identified and measures taken;
For middle and high pressure gear pump, it is necessary to check whether the sealing ring is damaged.
(2) the selection of oil viscosity is too high or too low, will cause the output flow of the pump to reduce, should use viscosity qualified oil.
(3) CB-B type gear pump generally can not be reversed, such as the pump body installed against, will cause the pressure oil chamber and oil suction chamber local short connection, so that the flow is reduced or even can not absorb oil.
At this point, you should check the steering of the pump.
④ The engine speed is not enough, resulting in reduced flow.
The cause should be identified and ruled out.

Elimination of common vibration and noise faults of high temperature gear pump:

(1) Mechanical reasons
The connection between the pump and the coupling is caused by vibration and noise due to non-compliance with the specified requirements.
The coupling shall be adjusted according to the specified requirements.
② Due to the dirt in the oil into the pump, gear and other components wear and tear and produce noise.
Should replace the oil, strengthen the filtration, open the pump to clean;
If the gear is badly worn, it must be repaired or replaced.
(3) pump parts damage or wear will produce serious vibration and noise: such as tooth shape error or circumference error,
The two gears are in bad contact, the tooth surface roughness is high, the common normal length is out of tolerance, the tooth backlash is too small, and the contact area of the two meshing gears is not in the position of the dividing circle.
At this time, the gear can be replaced or the gear grinding.
At the same time, the needle cage of the bearing is damaged, the journal of the long and short shaft and the needle roller is worn, which can lead to the mechanical noise caused by the poor rotation of the bearing. At this time, the gear pump needs to be removed and repaired and the needle roller bearing needs to be replaced.
(4) the gear axial assembly clearance is too small;
The sliding joint surface between the gear end face and the front and rear end cover was not carefully removed because of the burr before the gear assembly, which caused the joint surface to be pulled during operation, resulting in large internal leakage and reduced output flow.
Dirt enters the pump and wedges into the gap between the end face of the gear and the front and rear end cover, causing the high and low pressure cavities to be connected due to radial pull grooves, so that the output flow is reduced.
The following measures should be adopted to repair the above situations.
Disassemble the gear pump, appropriately increase the axial clearance that is to grind the end face of the gear;
Flat the front and rear cover end faces and gear end faces with a surface grinder, and remove the burr on the gear teeth (can not chamfer);
After plane grinding, the depth dimension of the unloading groove on the end face of the front and rear end cover will change, and the width should be increased appropriately.
(2) The high viscosity of the oil will also produce noise, so the oil with appropriate viscosity must be selected.

The fever

(1) The reasons for the poor rotation of the gear pump can lead to the heat of the gear pump, and the elimination method can also refer to its implementation.
② The oil viscosity is too high or too low.
Reselect the oil.
③ Serious friction between side plate, shaft sleeve and gear end face.
Repair or replace.
High ambient temperature, small tank volume, poor heat dissipation, will make the pump heat.
Should be dealt with separately.

Repair of main parts

(1) gear
(1) tooth repair: use fine abrasive cloth or whetstone to remove the strain or has been ground into the prism parts, and then the gear meshing surface change orientation and properly on the grind, after cleaning;
Severe wear and tear that can be observed with naked eyes should be replaced.
(2) end face repair: the end face of the gear and the bearing seat or front and rear cover relative rotation and wear, light when the line, can be used to grind the burr marks of the line and polishing;
When the wear is serious, the gear should be put on a surface grinder for grinding.
Note: Both gears must be laid flat at the same time.
I believe that we have mastered the maintenance method of the common sudden failure of the gear pump in the future to encounter some sudden situations can be easily resolved.
If the problem still exists after the maintenance of the above method, it should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel in time, and do not ignore it, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.

RY hot oil pump

Our company provides RY hot oil pump | hot oil circulating pump, conveying heat conducting oil at a temperature less than 350 degrees Celsius.
This is a centrifugal pump with high efficiency and high flow rate.

As we all know, when it comes to the heat conduction oil pump, we know that the medium transported is heat conduction oil, and the temperature is generally very high. In fact, there are many situations in which the heat conduction oil pump is not the heat conduction oil, but some other high-temperature media.
Since the temperature of the medium transported by thermal oil pump is very high, the higher the requirement of safety coefficient of thermal oil pump is.
Must start from the root, including the heat pump of each part of the processing technology has strict requirements, in order to ensure the quality of heat pump products.

RY hot oil pump advantages

RY heat conduction oil pump pump of high technology, high efficiency, under the thermal state can long-term stable operation, no leakage, no additional cooling system, the use of safe and reliable characteristics of heating medium in our country has been widely used in the heating system, has entered the petroleum, chemical, rubber, plastics, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, road construction, food, and other industrial sectors, RY series wind cold hot oil pump is mainly used for conveying not weak corrosion of high temperature liquid containing solid particles, using temperature is 370 ℃ or less and is an ideal circulating pump.
The pump is widely used in the high temperature setting of paper and dining box, dynamic vulcanizing tire and recycled rubber machinery, plate vulcanization, rubber, drying, feed drying, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, plywood production, waterproof rolling material production, asphalt heating, surface drying and other industries.


(1)RY thermal conduction oil pump is a second-generation product developed on the basis of digestion-absorption foreign oil pump. Its basic structure is a single-stage single-suction cantilever foot support structure. The pump’s inlet is axial suction, and its outlet is vertically upward, mounted on the base together with the motor.
(2) The support of RY thermal oil pump adopts the structure form of double-end ball bearing support. The front end is lubricated by lubricating oil, the back end by grease, and there is a guide pipe in the middle to observe the sealing situation and recover the thermal oil at any time.
(3) Adopt self-heating cooling structure, change the traditional water-cooling structure, make the structure simple, small volume, save the operation cost, good performance, reliable use.
(4) The combination of packing seal and mechanical seal, packing seal with high temperature resistant packing, has a good thermal adaptability, and mechanical seal with high mechanical strength, good wear resistance hard alloy material, to ensure the sealing performance under high temperature.

(5) The third generation of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is used as lip seal, which makes the seal performance leap, and improves the reliability of rubber seal by 25 times, with strong corrosion resistance.

How to improve the product quality of thermal oil pump, what problems should be noticed when using thermal oil pump?
Years of experience in the production of thermal oil pumps and the solutions to the problems of thermal oil pumps over the years to share with you, I hope to provide some help to the customers who are using thermal oil pumps.


First of all, starting from the structure of the hot oil pump, the thermal oil pump is mainly composed of eight large parts: the pump body, the pump cover, the bearing body, the support, the spindle, the seal, the bearing and the impeller.Pump and motor by disc coupling link.
Pump body, pump cover material is now mainly used in China cast steel ZG230-450 more, can also use ductile cast iron material, the two materials compared to the latter wear resistance and hardness and temperature resistance due to the former.
But good ductile iron cost price is higher than cast steel processing, the former is a bit, once the parts appear pores or trachoma can be solved by welding, and the latter requires a very high welding process, so the latter parts processing reject rate is higher.
Another is bearing body is generally adopt ordinary cast iron material, bearing the body does not contact with the media, is mainly used to assemble two pieces of bearing to bearing spindle and heat conduction oil pump impeller, the bearing body is the key to both ends of bearing whether the processing of concentric, if concentricity difference, then certainly will shorten the service life of bearing on both ends, so the concentricity directly affects the service life of bearing, also is the equivalent of a direct impact on the service life of heat conduction oil pump.
The next is the spindle, the material of the spindle should choose 1CR18NI9TI, but now generally small manufacturers choose 40Cr tempering treatment, the main position of the spindle tempering treatment is the bearing position, seal position and shaft head and impeller position.
Moreover, the spindle of the thermal oil pump must be used for grinding shaft, diameter balance and dynamic balance detection. Its purpose is to improve the wear resistance of each key part and the concentricity of the spindle, so as to improve the product quality of the thermal oil pump.
Sealing and bearing are another key parts of heat conduction pump. The special seals for heat conduction pump commonly used now include heat-resistant carbon fiber pan root, ptFE skeleton oil seal, PTFE power seal and bellows mechanical seal.

What we commonly use in daily life is the combination of high-temperature carbon fiber packing and TEflon skeleton oil seal. Its advantage is that the packing has better flexibility, but its disadvantage is that it is not corrosion-resistant. Once there are corrosive elements in the medium, the sealing is relatively easy to be damaged.


Routine maintenance or replacement is easy and easy to operate.
If ptFE power seal is adopted, its sealing effect is better than the former, and it has excellent corrosion resistance. Its disadvantage is that the holding shaft is too dead and its service life is long. However, once the thermal conductivity oil pump leaks, the position of this pump shaft will be sealed and worn under normal circumstances, so a new shaft is needed.
The cost of using a bellows mechanical seal is too high, but the service life is longer than the first two, and maintenance or replacement is more troublesome.
One of them is the impeller of heat conduction oil pump, generally using cast steel or ductile iron, the key is the impeller processing technology and impeller balance degree, each impeller processing must be on the special impeller balance machine for testing, checking to ensure the radial balance and dynamic balance of the impeller.

Secondly, the service life of the heat conduction pump is affected by the assembly of the complete machine, the concentricity and coaxial ratio of the motor and the heat conduction pump are not very high.
This directly affects the service life of thermal oil pump.
If the concentricity deviation between the motor and the heat conduction pump is too large, when the pump starts, the huge centrifugal force of the motor runs eccentrically with the pump shaft, soon the bearing of the pump will be damaged, and then the seal will be broken.
In order to solve the problem of the concentricity between the motor and the coupling of the thermal oil pump, our company developed the belt soft coupling and the diaphragm coupling. The belt soft coupling means that the pump coupling and the motor coupling do not contact, and the middle belt is connected, so as to effectively buffer the concentricity between the pump and the motor.
Thus improve the service life of the pump.

Overview of WQ submersible sewage pump

WQ submersible sewage pump is a new type of environmental protection product developed and developed by the hydraulic model on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology. It has unique functions in discharging solid particles and long fiber wastes as well as reducing sedimentation in sumps.

The hydraulic performance of the submersible sewage pump is advanced and mature, and its performance index has reached or exceeded the advanced technical level of similar products abroad.

The company’s products are all designed and optimized by computer, the company has a strong technical force, rich production experience and perfect detection means, so as to ensure the stable and reliable product quality.

Application scope of WQ submersible sewage pump:

Suitable for chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, papermaking, power plant and municipal sewage treatment, municipal engineering, public facilities sewage and other conveyer belt particles, sediment sewage.

Features of WQ submersible sewage pump:

1, the use of submersible automatic mixing sewage pump its own water pressure, stir the sedimentation sludge in the sewage tank, truly achieve the purpose of complete discharge of the sewage tank sediment.

  1. The design of anti-clogging hydraulic components of large flow passage greatly improves the ability of sewage to pass through, and can effectively pass through fiber-material 5 times of the pump diameter and solid particles with a diameter of about 50% of the pump diameter.
  2. Reasonable design, reasonable matching motor, high efficiency, remarkable energy saving effect.

4, the mechanical seal adopts double series seal, the material is hard corrosion resistant tungsten carbide, durable, wear-resistant, can make the submersible automatic mixing evenly sewage pump safe continuous operation for more than 8000 hours.

  1. The submersible automatic mixing sewage pump has compact structure, small size, convenient movement and easy installation. There is no need to build a pump room, so it can work when submerged in water and reduce the project cost.
  2. Oil and water probe is installed in the oil room to protect the automatic mixing and leveling sewage pump.
  3. It can be equipped with automatic safety protection control cabinet, which can absolutely protect the water leakage, electricity leakage, overload and overtemperature of the submersible automatic mixing sewage pump, and improve the safety and reliability of the product.
  4. The float switch can automatically control the stop and start of the diving and mixing sewage pump according to the required water level change, without special care.

9, the motor can use water jacket external circulation cooling system, to ensure the safe operation of the submersible automatic mixing uniform sewage pump in the state of no water (dry).

10, double guide rail automatic coupling installation system, to the submersible automatic mixing even sewage pump installation, maintenance brings great convenience, people can not enter the sump for this.

  1. There are two installation methods: fixed automatic coupling installation and mobile free installation, which can meet different use occasions.

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The 9th Shanghai International Pump and valve Exhibition

The 9th Shanghai International Pump and valve Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion

 The 9th Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition (HEREINAFTER referred to as "Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition") hosted by Shanghai Horry Convention and Exhibition concluded successfully in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao) on September 2nd.

Nearly thousand exhibitors like the pag, duco, kemai ind, ollie, southern, armon strang, Shanghai engineering, st. Hans, friends send, ABB, generation smicer brands such as gathered in the exhibition site, the common display of pumps, valves, intelligent water supply equipment, pipes, pipe fittings, motors, actuators, pump pipe valve equipment, environmental protection, water treatment, membrane and water treatment, etc.

Shanghai pump valve exhibition at the Shanghai international my hand in hand in the same period, the Shanghai international building my, Shanghai international solid waste gas show wisdom, Shanghai international environmental protection exhibition will ring series, such as the Shanghai international exhibition of pump valve across municipal, industrial, civilian three areas, open, water treatment and municipal water supply and drainage design/construction/environmental engineering, water tap water company/group/sewage factory/food/chemical/pharmaceutical terminal industry upstream and downstream, the exhibition site keep 3 days.

Many enterprises gathered in the industry, to show the fluid machinery industry style

Pag, duco, Leo, Michael, ollie, southern, armon strang, Shanghai engineering, st. Hans, friends, ABB, generation smicer, New Territories, Penn teck, chuan, h bo nearly thousand exhibitors at the national convention center in Shanghai # hall 7.1, 7.2), the demonstration of cutting-edge technology and innovative products at the same time, provide more professional technology and service solutions.

Among them, Leo Group exhibited its IPM5-R(S) efficient and intelligent vertical multistage pump;
Andritz ACP series single stage centrifugal pump, can be used with very high wear resistance of the open impeller;
Duco brought the newly released DXP box-type non-negative pressure variable frequency water supply equipment, Nansei showed the SS series products on the site, and Desmi Pump brought ROTAN magnetic drive pump to solve the leakage problem, which was quite interesting.

The same conference is staged in turn, water, water supply and drainage design, industrial environmental protection and other fields of experts gathered pump valve industry carnival

Exhibition on the first day, by the water supply management office of Shanghai and the Shanghai municipal water supply industry association, Shanghai lotus red exhibition co., LTD., the wisdom of “2020 east China six provinces and one city water top BBS” grand meeting, and Shanghai municipal water supply industry association secretary-general Shen Weizhong, water supply management office of Shanghai party secretary YanRongQiang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

This meeting invitation to the Shanghai municipal water supply management office deputy director of the Zhang Li pointed do the guest host, secretary of the BBS site YanRongQiang released the main points of the difference of water supply planning of Shanghai, Shanghai wei pag water co., LTD., a supervisor Mr Ding Kai wisdom to the wisdom of the Internet based on industry water construction made a brilliant speech, shaoxing water industry co., LTD., deputy general manager Mr Liu Youfei Shared partitions measurement in leakage control practice case, hefei water supply group production Xia Wei minister instead of party committee Mr High gas leakage are introduced hot cases in the control,
Ms. Zhang Lingna, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Pudong Architectural Design And Research Institute, explained the key points of high quality drinking water technology in Lingang New Area.

Mr. Song Aiyuan, chief engineer of Olli Machinery, and Mr. Zhong Zhibiao, general manager of Changzhou Granway Intelligent Control Technology Co., LTD brought their project cases respectively, and the scene continued to be wonderful.
This high quality water conference attracted the industry personnel from Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, Anhui, Shandong and other water supply associations and water supply companies. This conference provides a professional platform for the exchange of water supply in cities and towns across the country.

Another hosted by the Shanghai academy of architecture building water supply and drainage professional committee, China engineering construction standardization association of professional committee of the building water supply and drainage, water industry branch of China civil engineering institute, Shanghai lotus red exhibition co., LTD., the “fourth Yangtze drainage designer conference” was held in September 1 in the afternoon,
Meeting invitation to Shanghai Jiang Huan ChengJianZhu design co., LTD., water supply and drainage, east China architectural design & research institute deputy chief engineer wang wei, deputy chief engineer Xu Yang, water supply and drainage professional enderle group deputy chief engineer, 3th, east China architectural design & research institute of mechanical and electronic hospital director of mechanical and electrical design group, water supply and drainage, deputy chief engineer Liu Renmeng Li Yunhe, enlightenment, tongji university architecture design research, advanced engineering xu-hui Chen teachers common pipe group co., LTD., chengdu marketing President Hu Cheng at the scene of the BBS, such as sharing – sponge city complex field and against tuberculosis, senior hotel hot water system, health and epidemic prevention and hospital building water supply and drainage, water supply and drainage and other topics,

On the scene, professionals from design institutes such as East China Institute, Modern Institute and General Institute of Municipal Engineering will be gathered together for a grand gathering of water supply and drainage design.

From the “new product release conference”, “reveal the plot” pump valve market direction

Organizers since 2019, with the aid of the huge influence of the exhibition in the national market and fluid machinery industry accumulated resources advantages to open new product conference, product launch has become each big enterprise joint present product features and services platform, Leo, KEMAI, New Territories, together, ABB, omar, manmohan singh, Lin and other more than 10 enterprises with assemble high-quality goods.

Leo Group Co.,Ltd., the sponsor of this new product release conference, first appeared. As an enterprise in the industry, Leo Group has covered a relatively complete industrial chain in the whole pump industry. Leo’s attendance at this new product release conference also attracted many professionals in the industry to come to the release area to review Leo’s new products and the Group’s new market trends.
Mr. Wang Kai, general manager of COMMERCIAL pump SBU from Leo Group, introduced the newly displayed ipM5-R (S) efficient and intelligent vertical multistage pump. This product can intelligently adjust the operating speed of diaphragm pump according to the actual needs of users, without the need for valve to adjust the flow. EMC+PFC configuration can solve the problem of electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatibility.
Another product – LVR/LVS vertical multistage centrifugal pump, its high reliability, high efficiency has also attracted the attention of the audience.
In addition, Mr. Niu Ge Jun, vice director of Strategy of Leo Group, also announced the next strategic direction of Leo group on the scene.

AODD pump manufacturer

AODD pump manufacturer is KEMAI pump more than ten years after the test of one of the earliest and most mature products, the use of air compressor compressed air as power source, for a variety of corrosive liquids, liquids with particles, high viscosity, volatile, flammable, highly toxic liquid, can be pumped out.

Moreover, it has a variety of advantages such as sewage pump, impurity pump, shielded pump, corrosion resistant pump, etc. Its performance parameters are similar to those of WLLDENPVMPS from Federal Germany and MARIOWPUMPS from the United States.

At present, our factory has formed a series of production, and there are altogether eight sizes of diameter: ¢10mm(3/8″), ¢15mm(1/2″), ¢25mm(1″), ¢40mm(1 1/2″), ¢50mm(2″), ¢80mm(3″), and ¢100mm(4″).

Seven materials, aluminum alloy, cast iron, stainless steel, reinforced polypropylene, fluorine plastic, fluid fluorine, fluid rubber lining.

Diaphragm pump according to different liquid media are used butadiene rubber, neoprene, fluororubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, F46, to meet the needs of different users.

AODD series air operated diaphragm pump with outer air valve, easy to maintain, incomparable advantages with other pump, the pump, since the production has been more than one thousand domestic petroleum, chemical, electronics, ceramics, textile, paint, pharmaceutical machinery system unit, placed on special occasions, for pumping of conventional pump can’t suction medium, have achieved satisfactory results.

G type screw pump features

The screw pump is widely used in conveying water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid in sewage treatment plant due to its characteristics of variable transport, strong self-absorption capacity and reversible ability, as well as conveying liquid containing solid particles.
Screw pump selection should follow the economic, reasonable, reliable principle.
If in the design and selection of poor consideration, will bring trouble to the future use, management, maintenance, so the selection of a production according to the actual needs, reasonable and reliable screw pump can not only ensure smooth production, but also reduce the cost of repair.

g type single screw pump

A linear relationship with screw pump flow rate and rotational speed, low relative to the rotating speed of screw pump, high rotational speed of screw pump, although can increase the flow and head but power obviously increase, high speed accelerate the abrasion between the rotor and stator, must make the premature failure of screw pumps and high speed of the screw pump stator length is short, easy to wear and tear, thus shortening the service life of the screw pump.
By reducing speed reducer or stepless speed regulating mechanism to reduce the speed, so that the survey speed is kept in a reasonable range of less than three hundred revolutions per minute, compared with the high-speed operation of screw pump, the service life can be extended several times.

Progressing cavity pump is widely used in conveying water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid in sewage treatment plant due to its characteristics of variable transport, strong self-absorption capacity, reversible, and conveying liquid containing solid particles.

Screw pump due to the structure and working characteristics, compared with piston pump centrifugal pump, vane pump, gear pump has the following advantages:

Screw pump can transport high solid content medium.

Even flow pressure is stable, especially at low speed.

Flow and screw pump speed is proportional to the good variable adjustability.

A pump can be used to transport different viscosity of the medium.

Screw pump installation position can be arbitrary tilt.

Suitable for conveying sensitive goods and goods vulnerable to centrifugal force.

Screw pump small volume, light weight, low noise, simple structure, easy maintenance.

Screw pump can be widely used in the following industrial sectors, conveying a variety of media.

Gear pump main national standard

JB/T 7041-2006 Hydraulic gear pump
Gear pumps and screw pumps – Acceptance tests for hydraulic performance
Agricultural gear pump product quality rating
Gear pump product quality grade

Hydraulic gear bitumen pump (2.5MPA, 10 ~ 25MPA) product quality grade
JIS B8352-1999 Hydraulic gear pump
Dimensions and markings for mounting flanges and shaft extensions of agricultural gear pumps
Technical conditions of agricultural gear pump

Test Method for asphalt pumps for hydraulic Gear in mines
Technical conditions of Marine high pressure gear pump
Technical requirements for repair of Marine gear pumps
Technical requirements for repair of type CB and stainless steel gear pump on fishing vessels SC/T 8038-1994

Gear pumps for spray gun burners
Hydraulic gear pumps – Test methods
Hydraulic gear pumps – Technical conditions
Oil gear pump JB/T 6434-1992

Test Method for Marine electric Gear Pump
Type and basic parameters of Marine electric gear pump
Technical conditions of Marine electric gear pump

Main classification of pumps

Main classification of pumps

According to the principle of work

  1. Positive displacement pump
    By the movement of the working part, the working volume increases and decreases periodically, and the liquid is sucked and drained, and by the extrusion of the working part, the pressure of the liquid can increase directly.
    According to the motion of the different parts of the movement is divided into: reciprocating pump and rotary pump two types.
    According to the different structure of moving parts: piston pump and plunger pump, gear pump, screw pump, vane pump and water ring pump.
  2. Impeller pump
    Impeller type pump is driven by the impeller liquid high-speed rotation and mechanical energy transfer to the liquid transport.
    According to the characteristics of the pump impeller and runner structure of different impeller types can be divided into:
    1) Centrifugal pump (Headpump)
    2) Axial pump
    3) Mixed-flow pump
    4) Peripheral pump
  3. Jet Pump
    The ejecting fluid is generated by the high speed jet flow generated by the working fluid, and then the energy of the ejecting fluid is increased by momentum exchange.
    The pump can also be divided into:
    1) Vertical pump
    2) Horizontal Pump
    According to the number of suction holes, it is divided into:
    1) Single suction pump
    2) Double suction pump
    According to the prime mover to drive the pump:
    1) Motor pump
    2) Steam turbine pump
    3) Diesel Pump
    4) Diaphragm pump
    The working principle of
    The impeller is installed in the pump housing and fastened to the pump shaft, which is directly driven by the motor.
    There is a liquid pipette in the center of the pump housing.
    The liquid enters the pump through the bottom valve and suction pipe.
    The liquid discharge outlet on the pump case is connected with the discharge pipe.
    Before the pump starts, the pump shell is filled with the liquid to be delivered;
    After starting, the impeller is driven by the shaft to rotate at high speed, and the liquid between the blades must also rotate.
    Under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid is thrown from the center of the impeller to the outer edge and gets energy, leaving the outer edge of the impeller at a high speed and entering the volute pump housing.
    In the volute, the liquid slows down due to the gradual expansion of the flow passage, converts part of the kinetic energy into static pressure energy, and finally flows into and out the pipe at a higher pressure and is sent to the place where it is needed.
    When the liquid flows from the center of the impeller to the outer edge, a certain vacuum is formed in the center of the impeller. Because the pressure above the liquid level of the storage tank is greater than the pressure at the pump inlet, the liquid is continuously pressed into the impeller.
    Visible, as long as the impeller constantly rotating, liquid will be constantly inhaled and discharged.
    Linear pump working principle is different from any other pump, is the use of magnetic levitation principle and spiral circulation physical structure to achieve fluid propulsion, that is, to cancel the shaft, shaft connection, shaft sealing structure.
    After starting, the current is converted into a magnetic field, and the magnetic field force drives the spiral ring to operate, that is, the spiral ring lifts the fluid forward.
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